Like a car, an air conditioning and heating system as well as a commercial refrigerator needs regular maintenance to ensure it is working properly. In addition, regular maintenance can save you up to 30% in energy costs as the unit is working at its peak performance. During each visit we clean the system and thoroughly inspect it to ensure it is working properly


• Changing regular air filters to a high efficiency pleated filter
• Checking for air leaks in your ducting systems
• Check refrigeration Freon presser level check for leaks
• Check for temperature differential across coils
• Oil lubricate motors bearings and all moving parts
• Inspect clean and tighten all electrical connections controls relays contactors safety switches
• Check on compressor and motors amp draw
• Capacitor and starting components performance inspection
• Inspect and collaborate thermostat
• Inspect disconnect switches and fuses clean and tighten all connections
• Clean and clear drain pen drain line condensation pumps
• Clean coils for better air flow
• Check for leaks clean and clear furnace flu vent (prevent carbon monoxide poisoning)

Trained authorized experts on servicing repairing and installing all makes and models

• Central heating and air conditioning systems
• Package roof top units
• Split systems air handler / condensers
• Ductless mini split systems
• Heat pumps
• Forced air systems
• Air handlers
• Gas and electric heaters
• Electronic air cleaning systems
• Uv lighting air sterilizer
• Attic fans and hole house ventilation systems

Moonshine Alexandra Grace Freshchest Megastar Vibrant